Manchester Disc Golf - Club Meets!

We're a friendly bunch of disc golfers that meet twice a week and play informal rounds. Our abilities range from -8 to +25 over par so no need to feel intimidated!  Beginners are very welcome, we'll show you how to play and can lend you some club discs for free! 



Hi All! With the lifting of restrictions at the end of the month, the big news that we can announce is that the official Manchester Disc Golf BagTags can begin, starting on April 1st.


What is Bag Tag?

For anyone who doesn't know, our BagTags are specially created, small wooden "tags" hand made by Iain McDougall that dangle from your disc golf bag. They have a number on, indicating your current rank on the club's tag league. The goal is to end up with the lowest tag you can (number 1 indicating the current "best player" at the club). They're great ways to track your progress as you get better (or worse!) and bring a really unique family atmosphere to the club. We ran them with great success in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and now they are BACK!

Any time you play with friends or people at the club who have tags, or play at club night, which will be every Wednesday from the end of this month, you can ask/say at the start of the round that you are "Tags In" which means you will be playing for each other's tags during the round.

If you beat someone you are challenging, and they have a lower tag, they must trade with you at the end of the round. It's also highly recommended that people don't turn down "challenges" - if you win a high ranked tag (reminder, that being a lower number, lower is better) and then sit on it without accepting challenges, there may or may not be consequences and or ridicule!!

There will also be a fun unsanctioned tournament in the late autumn dubbed the BagTag Finale, where there will be fun prizes to win, not just for those who have high tags, and you will get to keep your finishing tag forever.
This year, we have a web app where you can register, and also update your tag once you exchange tags with someone, so we always have a live "leaderboard" of where the tags are at.


To register, you need to register on and pay your £5 fee. This fee also confirms you as a MDG member, getting you early access to our events and a vote at the AGM.

You will also be asked to donate to the LILFORD Park Fundraiser, our next course that will be installed this year in Leigh, and there are some perks you can donate for as well, including a Longford stamped disc which will be made later in the year, a custom Manchester-made bottle-cap basket (which look awesome!) and even sponsor an entire hole at Lilford! You can also pay (£3.90) extra to have your tag shipped, otherwise you need to arrange to meet a committee member after April 1st at the lock-up to get your tag, or come to Club Night on a Wednesday.

Initial starting tags will be distributed in order of who donates the most to the fundraiser, so please do be generous!
With all of this comes the obligatory reminder to PLEASE not play in large groups at the course during the pandemic, to remember to socially distance, if you are trading tags please do use sanitiser/precautions and please note the tags will be allocated on APRIL 1st and not before, due to the current governmental restrictions.
That being said, go sign up, and I can't wait to bring you all regular updates on how the tags are going!

— Harry (MDG Bag Tag Co-ordinator) and the MDG Committee


Q) How do I register
A) Go to  and enter your FULL name, email and a password. Then you must confirm your email by signing into your email on the device you register on and clicking the link. After doing this, you should be able to see a window on your "dashboard" inviting you to click through to complete a 3-step sign up form where you will decide if you want shipping, enter your card details and contribute to the Lilford Fundraiser.
Q) I am confused by the format
A) Google "Badminton Ladder Rules", this is very similar.
Q) I still don't understand
A) Please feel free to reply to this post with any questions, or message me, and feel free to share this with friends not on Facebook. We will put a poster with a QR code on the club notice board too.


Current Club Meet Times:

  • Sunday Mornings - people usually play, we tend to organise via our players group
  • Wednesday Evenings - SUMMER ONLY from 6pm (traffic dependant!) 

Club meets are dependant on weather and who's around so please ask on our Facebook group if anyone is going to be there before heading out!

We also now have a "Players" group - this is a more informal group that arranges meet ups. If you live in the local area you're welcome to join this too and meet our local players

Get Involved

We're a non-profit, volunteer led organisation and we need volunteers to help us raise money, maintain the course, and run events for beginners, local schools and clubs.

We also hold semi-regular course maintenance days - these are a chance to roll up your sleeves and plant trees and wild flowers, cut grass and build fences. To find out more about these either post in our group or come meet up with us and ask! New faces are very welcome!

To become a member you just need to read our constitution and pay our membership fee (currently £1 though additional donations are welcome!). 

Become a Member

Constitution and Bye-laws

Our club's constitution and bye-laws can be reviewed here. 

Our Committee

Our Committee can be contacted via or you can approach any of us individually. Our Commitee meetings are generally open for anyone to attend too if you have and idea or concern you'd like to discuss.