Lilford Park, Leigh - A Second Course in Greater Manchester

We're running a crowdfunder to install a second course in Greater Manchester. The course is going into a lovely park in Lilford Park, Leigh. It has hills, a wooded area and is perfect for disc golf. 

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Our Crowdfunder comes with some EXCLUSIVE perks. For certain donations you can claim an exclusive Lilford Park Disc Golf Course perk. These will only be available during the crowdunder. Own a piece of disc golf history! 
Perks will only be made available when the Crowdfunder is complete - after we've had some time to order and collate. Please note postage is not included - we'll endeavour to have your perk items delivered to you at your next tournament or pick up from the club at a future event. 
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Previous Crowdfunders


Longford Park - Initial Seed Funding 

We successfully raised funding for the installation of a full course. We created a crowdfunding campaign, and we also pursued private grant funding through the Landfills Community Fund scheme of Veolia, a large waste management company. We were successful with both tracks! Trafford council additionally committed some match funding and agreed to manage the course installation process. The total funding amount allowed us to include some more aspirational elements in the course design, such as some earthworks to add variety to the flat landscape, and planting 68 large and relatively mature trees. Because the site struggles with water drainage problems in the winter months and is often muddy, we were also able to prioritise the installation of raised teepads of textured concrete.


Manchester Disc Golf Bike Rack Crowdfunder


Longford Park Disc Golf Course is maintained by a group of volunteers alongside Trafford Council.
We've noticed the increase use of cycles during the lockdown which was great! BUT, there wasn't anywhere to lock your bike near to the disc golf course.
Via a crowdfunder, we installed a 5 hoop bike stand which will have capacity for up to 10 bikes. The racks have been concreted securely so you can be sure your trusty metal steed is safe whilst you play your round (note, as this is Greater Manchester we still recommend a sturdy lock or two!).