Longford Green - The Family Course


    1. Don’t run ahead of anyone who needs to throw.
    2. Don’t throw if someone is in front of you.

Follow the arrows on the map to the Green Tees then use the widget below to score your round of disc golf.

Open large map in new tab.

9 Hole Scoring App







Names or scores are not saved by this widget or website so DON'T REFRESH PAGE!

How to Play Disc Golf:

  • Take turns to throw your disc from the tee towards the basket.

  • Throw again from where it is lying on the ground.

  • Keep throwing until your disc is in the basket!

  • Your score for the hole is your number of throws.

  • The person with the lowest number of throws over the 9 holes wins.

Want more of a challenge?

Play the Red Beginner’s Course next. Or if you can’t wait, swap over to Red on the next hole.