Bag Tag 2017 Finale

Published: Sun 19th Nov 2017

Bag Tag 2017 Finale

Bag Tag is a ladder system run by the club members. You pay a small entry fee and receive a numbered tag. The idea is to challenge other players you meet on the course or play for tags during club meets and tournaments. The winner of the round takes the lower tag. 

We sold 37 tags - increasing the size of our club membership to lots of new people. On 18th November our Bag Tag coordinator Iain organised a fun bracket tournament to find the final standings and award prizes! 

1. David Pearson

2. Iain McDougall
3. Meng Chong Leong
4. David Fairweather
5. Mark Mynett
6. Stevie Senior
7. Alan Heckman
8. Steve Edwards
9. Olli Simonsen
10. Jay Krause
11. Matt Place
12. Danny Cullinane
13. David Crayon
14. Steve Morgan
15. Mark Greenhalgh
16. Bram Appleton
17. Anthony Knight
18. Chris Jordan
19. Katie Fairweather

Players who didn't attend the finale couldn't finish above 20 (harsh but fair!)

20. Tony Foggett
21. Phil Torpey
22. Chris Clarkson
23. Samwise Lock
24. Michael McGowan
25. Mark Welsby
26. Philip Nichols
27. Aussie Mark
28. Luke Warrior
29. Jamie Martin
30. Timmy Murphy
31. Dominique Binieda
32. Matthew Gwynne
33. Davey Blofeld
34. Andreas
35. Alisdair Alston
36. Oliver Heckman 
37. Mark Brady