Hyzerween 3: Nightmare on Edge Lane

Published: Thu 3rd Oct 2019

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Brought to you by Manchester Disc Golf

October 26th-27th, 2019

Longford Park, Stretford

Greater Manchester M21 9TA

Come and join us for a friendly, welcoming and entertaining weekend of disc golf.


“The Nightmare” will be played on the normal layout of our Longford Park course and will cost £40 per person. The event is completely non-profit and we aim to spend every pound on the tournament experience and the prize packages.


Lunch will be included both days, and for dinner we will meet at a Font in Chorlton, (which won't be included in the tournament entry fee hence the £10 reduction from last year). Menus and dietary questionnaire for lunch to follow. The Scout Hut has been confirmed as headquarters and possible lodging for a small group.


We are also putting together a nice player’s pack, with two discs, a t-shirt, mini, MDG iron-on patch and other Halloween goodies.


This will be a fun-focused BDGA points / PDGA rated C-tier tournament - there are divisions to match all levels of play including beginners. The format is stroke play 3-round event with a final "Black Nine" Finals. If that doesn't mean anything to you then you probably should enter one of the divisions marked with a * but you're very welcome to this tournament regardless and we can advise which division is best for you!


We will offer the following divisions;

  • MPO-Mixed Pro
  • FPO- Female Pro
  • MP40-Mixed Pro 40+ (born in 1979 or before)
  • MA40-Mixed Amateur 40+ (born in 1979 or before) *
  • FA1- Female Amateur *
  • MA2- Mixed Amateur <935 PDGA rating
  • MA3- Mixed Amateur <900 PDGA rating
  • MA4- Mixed Amateur <850 PDGA rating *
  • Junior M and F (Born 2002 or later) *

If this is your first tournament, haven't been playing very long or don't have a PDGA rating (850 rating is approximately a round of 60 at Longford Park), you probably should enter one of the divisions marked with a *

Any questions can be directed to Iain McDougall at irmcdougall@yahoo.com.


Sign up here:



Where your entry fees are going:

All are per player and can change with more entrants:

  • PDGA sanctioning £1
  • BDGA sanctioning £2
  • lunch £6
  • scout hut £3
  • prize fund £8
  • course prep and maintenance £5
  • player's pack £15

More info to follow such as local accommodation options.